Monday, 25 May 2015

Avon Solutions Vibes Power Cleanser

First up I know I have been a little MIA for the past week or two BUT my excuses live up to reasonable standard. I was in London for a weekend, I've officially started the move in process to my perfect little flat so any time spent on the internet is spent browsing home ware hauls and flat tours and finally I've been promoted!!! Yes that means more hours and yes that means more work but it also comes with the extra bonus of more money. My little do to list is coming along nicely

secondarily, As you can tell from my little collection of goodies on almost every blog post, I J'adore Avon products. From the lipstick to the shadow to the foundations however I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to cleansers so I always flipped past that section in the avon books as quick as I could! Until I spotted a power cleanser which I've been searching for for quite a while, most come with a hefty tag of £100+ which is enough to put anyone off purchasing one! I mean that's like MK bag, come on! 

The product itself contains the power cleaner which runs on 1 AAA battery which isn't included, 14 cleansing pads and the instructions! The power cleanser is a nifty little size, fits perfectly into my hand without being really clunky and heavy and the velcro type head means the cleansing pads don't slip around when your doing your routines.

"New power cleansing system is clinically shown to clean 5 times deeper and remove 4 times more makeup than cleansing by hand" 

I couldn't agree more, this product works brilliantly, I've been using it for 6 weeks now, 3 times a week as advised and my pores have reduced significantly and the compliments I've been getting on my skin are a great feel good factor!!! I don't know if using the phrase "Yeah I'm flawless" Is a correct response though! I must say my skin feels so healthy after using this and remains feeling this way for the day after too, I can't explain it, It just feels...clean! 

how simple is it? I know some people just like to wipe a face wipe across their face and go to bed because well, CBA! but I would recommend trying this for those people. You just whack a cleansing pad on it, run it under warm water and whip it around your face, the longer you do it the better results you get but you can physically see the make-up coming off your face and it does it in no time at all!

It's had a few negative reviews being that the replacements pads cost £4.00 per refill tub and you have the replace the pad every time you cleanse, however you only need to use this product 3 times a week so actually a tub of 14 should essentially last you a month, just read the f*cking product description people! I found it great value for money and it does exactly what it says on the box, which is rarity these days! My only problem is that it's green and I'm planning on having a black and white theme in my new bathroom...First world problems! 

Has anyone else tried the power cleanser or better yet the upper class Clinique one because purchasing this would surely make me think it's worth the money. Let me know 

Truth B Told 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Things I Regret Buying

First things first, renting a flat/house...check! I have rented this adorable little flat with the better half and I'm practicality in love with it, cue scanning tumblr for inspo and youtubing home ware hauls for the next 28 days until my move in date! 

secondly, This isn't me bashing companies or products because usually the case is I love the company but this one product just didn't work for me, and what doesn't work for me might work for someone else! By no means is this me being a complete moody cow...Disclaimer done! 
Whenever I buy a product I search blogs for a true opinion of the product, yeah magazines are ok but sometimes you can't be sure whether it's a sponsorship or honest opinion! I'll normally check out a few blogs and then decide, but thankfully blogs like this have stopped me buying products that won't work well on my skin tone or skin type! So Thankyou blogger world! 

First up is the MAC Studio Fix Powder, this will not be a popular one I'm afraid but this powder did absolutely nothing for me, yes it set my make-up well and it did last for a long period of time, which essentially is what is it for! However I found it very cakey on this skin and I almost felt the need to moisturise extensively after using it, it just dried out my skin and I felt like my poor face was screaming for moisture.

Next up is the Benefit Poreffesional, a lot of people raved and raved about this and I'm yet to find a primer that I love but unfortunately I'm still searching! I must admit, I never actually purchased this alone, it was in one of their combination boxes. I tried it and it just dried out my skin completely, I have normal to dry skin so I really didn't expect my skin to react like it did but I got a couple of breakouts and I personally didn't like the finish it gave to my skin!

Another Benefit product, this is very hit and miss amongst bloggers! Hands up if you caved and bought it...yes I thought so!  it's the "They're Real Mascara" personally I didn't think it did much to my lashes in terms of length as I already have quite long lashes and the effort it takes to get it off, it felt like I was ripping my poor my lashes from my eyes! Not worth the agro but I could be just lazy!!!

Next up is the Got2B Rise and Shine Volume and shine hairspray...try saying that 3 times fast! I love the Got2B texture spritz and the heat protector spray so I was so gutted when I didn't like this! The shine part works wonders and it does hold my hair in place so I can't really complain because technically does what it says on the bottle, with the added bonus of rock solid, sticky hair! 

CK lipstick, yes I know it was like £2.00 but it's just not for me, the colour is beautiful and I'll give them that but it lasted about 5 minutes and it has started going bobbly which is just a bit off putting for me! This is just not a good product if I'm honest, everything else on this list is something I'd say try for yourself, or it might work differently with your skin type but I would hugely try and sway anyone away from purchasing this! 

Finally, the L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream, anti-fatigue! Now don't make no qualms, I used the CC cream for months and month but this was the Anti-dullness one and it was perfect for my skin and left a dewy finish which is exactly what I love in a skin product! So when that ran out I went and got a new one, thinking they differed every so slightly I picked the anti-fatigue up and it was heavy and matte which, ew. These products don't sit well on my skin whatsoever and I looked like a caked up barbie doll! 

Has anyone had any luck with these products? If so let me know! or has anyone else done a blog on products they regret buying?

Truth B Told 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


So, you'll all be glad to hear my new car is running sweetly and I'm cracking on with my "To do List"! Next up it's moving house...I've found a little flat which I adore and it's perfect for me and my boyf, nothing too fancy, the only thing I requested from my boyfriend...other than en-suite, walk in shower and make-up room (and he calls me high-maintenance) was that it was un-furnished because nothing excites me more than decorating my own little place the way I want it! I have been endlessly seaching Tumblr for ideas and inspiration so I though I would share....

I've gone for the black, white & grey theme for a relaxed, cool vibe and I'll spruce it up with some fancy decor and colourful photo frames. I'm planning on going to places like Ikea, TKMaxx, Dunelm Mill and Home sense...Not going to lie, I'm already browsing! 

These are some ideas of what I would LOVE my flat to look like, there is a very little chance it will look anywhere near as good as these but I'm taking a few tips, and by tips I mean copying them! I can't wait to have my own places and do it up all lovely! I only move in July but there is nothing wrong with a bit of organisation before hand! Has anyone got anything nice planned too? 

Truth B Told 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Top 5 Fridays

I don't like how quick these Friday's are coming around, it's going to be summer before I know it and I'll be sat in the summer sun, mojito in hand and pretending I'm on an episode of 90210! Until then this rain is making a point of letting me know I'm sat in the UK with a 14 hour shift ahead of me...brill! 

Until then, I have put my top 5 eye shadow pallets together for you all to have a read of! I'm a huge eye shadow fan and having so many colours in one pallet is like a dream for me so I have built up quite the collection over the last few years including drug store and higher end...

Drum roll please...

First up is my newest addition and its the MAC Pallet I recently ordered on line, it contains Sable, Satin Taupe and Nocturnal! The beauty of the MAC pallets is that you can chose the colours you want in them rather than getting generic colours which you'll never use and will end up sat in a cupboard for 2 years. I've fallen so in love with this that I've just ordered a larger 15X refill pallet! All the colours are really pigmented and have such a good colour pay off and the range they have in insane, you can pick from like hundreds of colours to your fancy! The only problem is they cost £10 for a pan refill which can be quite steep when your on a budget! 

Next up is the bloggers favourite, The Naked pallets! Naked 1 is my choice and I love the colours in there, my favourite colours are Buck, Toasted and Hustle! I love this pallet because it has a choice of shimmering and matte colours which is ideal for everyday and nights out. Again, the pigmentation of these is beautiful and they seem to last quite a long time.  

Next up, cheep and cheerful, SLEEK pallet in Storm I believe. The gold tones in this pallet are to die for and you can create such versatile looks from this one because of the array of colours and tones, similarly to the Naked pallet it contains shimmery and matte tones which is probably the first thing I look for in a pallet, and the colour pay off is amazing considering the price range in comparison to some of the higher end products!

Avon, I did feature this in my Avonderful post a while back but this is an 8-shadow pallet, again, another neutral pallet...I can't get enough! I bought this pallet specifically for the golden shimmery tones in it but the purple was one I just fell in love with, don't tell the other half! This is my favourite pallet for summer and with a tan, wow I just couldn't stop staring at my eyes, call me vain!!! 

finally, It's a pallet I wasn't expecting to like, it's from Collection 2000 and not to be snob or anything but it's not renowned for it's stunning shadows! but I'll eat my words with modesty!!! This is such a good pallet for a smoky eye, in fact some of the colours are nice and simple for the day time too! It's pigmentation is amazing for the price of it, you get good quality for the money! It doesn't last the longest,  but it did withstand a night of dancing and singing with only getting a few smudges here and there! I'm pretty sure I cried that night too so it deserves recognition, normally it's streaming down my face...note to self, avoid Tequila at all costs! 

Is there any pallets you guys would recommend trying? not to brag or anything but I won a £15 amazon voucher thats burning a hole in my pocket, I need things to buy, help a girl out eh! 

Truth B Told 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Met Ball 2015

I love love love writing these posts, they are by far my favourite thing to blog about because I love looking (in envy might I add) at all the gorg dresses and make-up and wishing that could be me on the red carpet, a girl can only dream. All the celebs looked beautiful and made such an effort but below are a few of my favourites...

My absolute woman crush everyday, the beaut RHW! Everything about Rosie is perfection in this picture. She wore a Champagne Atelier Versace Dress with a classy slit up the leg and beautifully detailed cut outs. Her hair is almost metro sexual, adding a touch of masculinity and the RHW signature red lip! She Took the crown in my opinion! Why am I not her? 

Reese Witherspoon is my spirit Animal so I couldn't not feature her in this Jason Wu Red Dress. The structure is my favourite thing about this dress, the frame around the chest makes it stand out. You can't go wrong in a LRD in my opinion and Reese always rocks it...And look at her legs! 

Kate Hudson looks like a golden goddess in this Michael Kors Ensemble, it slightly resembles her yellow dress in "how to lose a guy in 10 days" which, let's be honest, is goals. I love the high neck and she has the perfect bod to pull of this figure hugging, floor length gown. She kept is simple with limited accessories and a small, white clutch, in my opinion the styling was on point!  

Anne Hathaway turned heads with this Ralph Lauren hooded gown, personally it's not something I can pull off but I'm all for praising someone who can. She managed to make this possibly masculine ensemble feminine by keeping her make-up so elegant and natural and her hair simple and sleek. Plus, if it rains, she sorted! 

I love these 2, I love their family and if they could adopt me that would be great but just look at them! Need I say more? 

Candice Swanepoel made every girl jealous of her glowing skin on the red carpet, her fresh faced make-up and sleep up-do combined with flowers made her the talk of the ball! Her make-up is just stunning her, the subtle eyebrow and golden shadow make it almost effortless and I was certainly google-ing makeup tips and seeing her face! 

You might be surprised you didn't see Beyonce on here but I'm not going to lie, I hated it! I didn't like the cut-out, I thought it was very tacky and poorly done and the gems looked like something I wore when I was a tot, yeah it probably costs more than my house but I didn't like it! Opinions are opinions eh! 

What was your favourite outfit or look from that evening? 

Truth B Told 

Friday, 1 May 2015

Top 5 Fridays

This week is a HUGE week for me not only have a managed to write this blog post 3 days prior to it being uploaded, it's a miracle I know... but I've purchased my very own MINI One! The day this post goes live is the day I pick up my new baby boy so I'll be whizzing (carefully and safely, might I add) around in him for the next week or so, expect limited blog posts! 

 So yeah, Top 5 Fridays this week is going to be about my favourite blushers, both drug store and high end. First up is my ultimate favourite, my go to blush...Is declaring my love too much? You may have heard me mention this one, I dunno, once or twice but it's NARS Sin. When I first purchased it the colour wasn't what I expected, it's not a colour I wouldn't usually go for in a blush but I'd heard such good things about it I couldn't not purchase it. The colour is almost a purple tone but gives a beautiful flushed look to the cheeks and I have been known to dual use it as an eyeshadow! 

Next up is Pixie Pink from the brand Sleek, first up the packaging is,well, sleek! I love the mirror and is brill for a bag for make-up on the go. It is a bright pink and is quite daunting to look at up close but the colour pay off is amazing, it gives a really summery flushed looked. I love a matte finish and it is brilliant for people with acne or skin problems, a shimmer can sometimes highlight any skin imperfections so this is fantastic for anyone trying to hide any, we all have them days right?

The 3rd of the 5 is a creme blush opposed to a powder, I went through a stage of wearing this blush every day for about 3 months, so much so I had to buy 2 replacements. This Revlon Creme Blush in the shade Charmed Enchantment, has a deep pinky tone to it and gives off the most natural finish out of all the blushes in this post. The only problem I do have with this is that, it is very difficult to use with a brush and it has more of a "hands on" approach which can be a pain sometimes in terms of blending, and if you use the wrong brush...see image below...the hairs get caught up in the product! Grim! 

This has been a bloggers favourite for the last few years and only a couple of months ago I caved and purchased a Foreplay cheek pallet, I did mention this is my favourites a few posts back but since then I have used it almost everyday for a spring/summer feel. It has gold flecks in it which make it suit every skin tone and I'm especially exited to see what this looks like with a tan! However, it is really shimmery so if you're having a bad skin day avoid this one!!! 

Finally, I don't necessarily wear these that often and I got them out of Benefit sets, however they are sold separately but these are brill for long wear use. They are the Benetint and Cha Cha Tint Lip and cheek stain and they do exactly that! They basically stain the colour onto you which means they last pretty much all day. I tend to wear them for work to save myself reapplying every 30 minutes after sweating it all off! I have had a few fallings out with these products though, if you don't blend quick enough you get these like red/orange sploges all over, like your coming out in hives. But If your looking for something hardy to test the times this is the one for you! 

I'm a huge blush fan and these are just some of my faves, if anyone has any recommendation please feel free to let me know? Or you've tried any of these and agree! Till next time...

Monday, 27 April 2015


Recently I've been working so much I haven't had time to do anything for myself! My life has been a constant cycle of working, sleeping and trying to squeeze in precious time with the boy! By that I mean him making me tea whilst I nap. I Thought to keep me motivated I would write a "To Do List" as such, not your regular, pick up children from school list but more of a list of things I want to have done by the end of the year. This way I have things to plan and things to look forward to as well. #DreamingToDo 

1. Complete a Man Vs Food challenge, even if it is at my local binger! 
2. Go to the Enchanted Village lodges at Alton Towers 
3. MOVE OUT! Me and the fella already have this in the works already, check! 
4. Summer holiday, I need a mojito and a tan ASAP...
5. Keep my nails chip-free for a week, It's the impossible I know!!! 
6. Do a half marathon 
7. Go Camping, proper camping not in my back garden or down the road at the local park! 
8. Earn a promotion...pretty please?! 
9. Do a charity event and raise money
10. Buy my own car 

Putting it down in writing makes it nice and easy for me to follow and I'm basically committed now so you're all my witnesses and if I fail miserably this is written permission to laugh in my face! If that's not reason enough I've stuck up a copy on my bedroom wall as a constant reminder that I'm being a lazy ass... 

If anyone has or wants to make a list of things they want to achieve either in the next year, month or week I really suggest jotting it down...It's not enough to make a memo in your mind, trust me I've tried!